John D Baker

As a young man, John formed a group with his brother Steve, his sister Martha and her son, Stan. They called themselves "The Baker Family Singers." They sang at churches in southern Indiana. The group was together for four years.

During the second and third weeks of October, John can be found singing at the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival in Mansfield, Indiana. He sings from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for 10 consecutive days. He has thus earned the title of "Leather Lungs."

 John's nephew Dane loves to hear him sing and play his guitar. His favorite song is "Life's Railway to Heaven."

John spent many a day in church as a child where he learned to sing the old gospel songs

John sang for many years at the Westward Ho Flea Market in beautiful Brown County in Nashville, Indiana.

It was during John's teenage years that he learned to play the guitar. Many an hour he spent practicing guitar with his friends. They wanted to be famous one day.

John and Debbie have been married since 1972 and have two children. His daughter's name is Deana and his son is Jason.

John's parents were older than most. His mom was 43 and his dad was 58 when he was born. John was the last of 11 children. John attributes the fact that he relates so well with senior citizens to growing up with older parents.

This photo was taken just months before John's mom passed away. The picture was for the project "Hello Mama," which many say has encouraged them to continue praying for their children and grandchildren.

John enjoys country gospel music. Many say his singing reminds them of Jimmy Swaggart or Elvis.

John and his brother Steve at Aunt Dorothy's, where they spent many summer afternoons.

During John's early evangelistic years, he travelled in a TransVan, hauling all of his equipment as well as a giant tent that would seat 400. As a part of his tent revivals, he often had "Old-fashioned Night." Part of the nostalgia of these meetings was the saw dust trail down the center aisle. Many old-timers would testify and reminesce about days gone by.

John sings at the Christmas Festival in Mansfield, Indiana each year. It is held the first weekend of December.